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Small House – October Update

I have to say – 1 month in – 600 square feet is pLeNtY for us!  Even with just a curtain on the bathroom doorway.

I was so worried that once we got moved in, we would slow down, but we have NOT, at least Hub has not!  So what have we done?

Installed the kitchen cabinets!  YAY!  And temporary countertops out of partical board so we have that ever-important horizontal surface to collect things that will go on the yet to be installed shelves.  There are still a few exposed wires for the under-cabinet lighting, but we are getting there.

With the cabinets came the hard chore of selecting the hardware.  I wanted to mix and match the knobs and pulls.  I mixed four, if you can believe it, knobs and pulls in my tiny kitchen.

Some black knobs and twisted pulls on the drawers, some glass knobs on the doors, and a couple of copper finger pulls on either side of the stove to connect the copper lighting with the cabinetry.  I think it works!

A preview of the countertops…

oct blog - counter2

Hub has been working hard combining reclaimed 100 year old long leaf pine flooring with some walnut we have had curing up in the top of the barn… 

oct blog - counter.jpg
oct blog - shower

We were able to get the shower components installed, so no more outdoor showers, but we are waiting on the custom glass shower doors that will enable the final install of the steam shower… another item to check off during the next month.  It works having a 4 ft by 4 ft shower, so having no doors/curtain does not keep us from taking a rain shower, or using the massage wand.  SwEeT!!!  And it is HOT… and it has plenty of PRESSURE.  The BEST SHOWER I have had in my own house in TWO years – wait EIGHTEEN years.  As a married couple, we have never had a shower this big or with this much water pressure, (the important things, right?)

In the garden – well we have pulled up the watermelons and planted a fall garden, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, lettuce, kale… oh wait, rabbits love that stuff – so for now, we still have kale and lettuce.  I’m thinking they must be working their way down their favorites.  I cannot imagine anything will be left after another week.  At least we are sustaining the wildlife… the ill-fated corn field to the deer and now the fall garden to the rabbits.  But we do have figs!  I am not sure they will ripen, but we are hopeful.

oct blog - fig
oct blog - rail

oct blog - sunset

Columbia Crawlspace.  For that, I am very thankful… but ladybug season is just around the corner.

Now that I/we are not consumed with construction chores, we are exploring new things… I am back in my weekly Creative Spirits painting class.  And this weekend you can find me at the Fly Pack Rat Sale.  I’ll have lots of extra stuff from moving and many of my Tennessee Church and Barn Series original paintings…

PicMonkey Collage 2018 Barn Series - grid
oct blog - shirts

I hope you continue to follow our journey – we’ve got more fun stuff ahead!

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