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How to Document a Vacation without a Camera

We just returned from five wonderful days in Savannah. I think I may have 2 photos on my phone from the trip, but what I do have are FOURTEEN custom pieces of art made by grand-girls documenting our days.

It all started with some magnets on the frig... I pulled out my bullet journal, the micron and posca pens, and my markers... I put down the basic shapes, and they finished them up with colors and mark-making. This is also inspiration for my upcoming class, Abstract Botanicals that explores mark-making and watercolors. I thought they did a TERRIFIC job, and they definitely proved that this class is perfect for beginners as well as seasoned artists - so I can't wait to share their originals in my workshop on August 10th.

The next few days we spent walking in the rain / down-pour All Day LONG... but it was cooling and it was fun jumping in puddles as well as dashing in and out of stores and restaurants to dry off a bit. We ate oysters (well not the gran-girls, but the grown ups), we saw geodes bigger than we were, we walked down the cobblestone street at the Riverwalk, and more important than what we did was make memories.

Below are their drawings in my Bullet Journal of 4 of our days... I let them pull their 4 favorite washi tapes for each page to set as their frame, then they did the rest of their memory of the day. It was so fun to see what they found memorable and especially fun to see them talk to each other about the day and what they were drawing. These handmade drawings in my bullet journal are much more precious than any photos I could have taken.

I hope this little journey into how I document a vacation without a camera inspires you to take along a notebook and some markers on your next adventure. How cool will it be for me to open up this journal with my granddaughters in 10 years when they are almost 20 and walk down memory lane re-living our "Savannah Days?"

Until the next adventure... be it art, instruments, or a vacation...

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