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Tiny House – November Update

I cannot believe it is already November!  Seriously!  The time change, another birthday, cold (oh I mean record high temps), holy cow, this stuff gets harder, but still there is NoThInG, REPEAT NoThInG, I’d rather be doing than building my own house.

Lots of tiny pieces this month, no pun intended.  

right back side roof blocking

Dear Husband has been painstakingly measuring and installing these 226 pieces of blocking JUST for the one side of the roof structure.   The distance between each roof joist should be the same, but since we put them up, “weather” has happened, so each piece of blocking is measured individually, i.e. climb up, measure (with a story stick), climb down, cut, climb up, install… repeat…

left back view

And then there is the other side… ugh, but that’s my hero’s job, and he’s a helluva hero to do all this, rain or shine.

Not a lot of low hanging fruit anymore.  We are getting to the nitty gritty.  Real decisions have to be made at this point.

I’ve been busy painting the tongue and groove porch floor boards.  Porch floor color is Sherwin-Williams “Morning Fog” which seems  appropriate right now because each day we wake up to a field covered with fog.  I won’t bore you, (like I wanted to), with the details, but short story, is…

each of the 160 boards were moved 10 times, by me, by hand & foot, between priming all sides (including the tongue and groove = hard) then painting the “up” side and groove.  Each coat had to dry for 24 hours before the next coat, and each board had to be inside by the end of the day since we are now getting dew at night, and they cannot get wet.  Note to self – “tongue and groove porch floors are a lot more labor intensive than “deck” flooring.”  But they will be beautiful, and all of the reason we are doing this ourselves, rather than hiring it out.

Foundation stonework

So much for the short story.  (Notice how painstakingly I describe what I’m doing… which is just painting).  I can’t imagine how long it would take to describe what hero-guy has been doing.

The house color is also Sherwin-Williams, City Loft.

The colors seems to pull out the gray and vanilla colors in the stone.   Of course, you’re not seeing it in person, but just ride this ride with me.

After my porch floor painting job, I (luckily) got to move on to the back porch roof rafter painting job…  (notice how my job photos are larger than foreman pictures)

back porch paint nov 2017

What that all means is that instead of working together, we’ve been working separately, which is not what we’re used to, or like to do, but hey, everything can’t be fun.  It does totally make you appreciate the fun of working together.  We’re still in sight and sound distance of one another, but it’s lunch until we usually talk, which is sad.  Well there is the conversation about what music we’re listening to, and whether it’s “my music” Michael Jackson, Meghan Trainor, and Maroon 5, or “his music” Steve Earle, Alison Krauss, and Doc Watson.  The good news is, I like his better than he likes mine, so when it’s “his music day,” I’m cool.  We are totally spoiled, (that is if you like being with your spouse, which I absolutely would not trade for the world.)

We also started working on the kitchen design.  I say “we,” but it’s all about me on this one – Hub got the stone foundation and tongue and groove porch floors, but I’m all about the kitchen.  Decision making isn’t difficult if you ask me A or B.  But when you ask me A, B, C, D…. Z, ugh!  it’s the worst.  I’ve already purchased and have possession of the refrigerator, stove and microwave, and they are stored in the barn.  This is because, as hub says it, whatever I want has been discontinued or is sold out.  So what that means is I’m either way behind the curve (usually), or ahead of the curve (not so often).  I ordered the kitchen sink Monday, so we’re pretty much good to go on that front.

My cabinets will be a sea foam green kind-of color, and the appliances will be white – looking at copper cabinet pulls and faucets.

Hub has also been busy wiring the workshop – I ordered the exterior lights for the outside doors at the shop.  AND, hub has been ordering more pine trees!  We’ve already planted 400, but like fences, tall trees make good neighbors, even in Santa Fe TN.

And… since today was a wash out rain kind of day – we took a respite up to Altamont to the “original tiny house”… it, and the leaves were beautiful… this blog may never end… the tiny house, the “barn/workshop,” the cabin… all built by hand with and beside my best friend, and even better – dear husband.

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