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Sourcing Wood

In 2009, 60 mile per hour straight line winds toppled many large trees throughout Williamson County in Tennessee. This included about a dozen mature Walnut & Cherry trees on a working farmer's corn fields near Leiper's Fork.

The farmer needed them out of his fields before the next planting season and I needed a supply of cheap, but valuable wood. What this meant, was cheap equals many weekends of sweat equity, but I was glad to do it. We also saved trees that had survived many years from becoming kindling for a bonfire. I love a good bonfire, but not one making ash from a beautiful wood that was meant for a much greater purpose than hosting a flame.

A buddy and I abused a couple of chainsaws and a borrowed skid steer. We did eventually clear the fields for that farmer, and have since milled HUNDREDS of board feet of the most beautiful hardwood that Tennessee has to offer.

This wood has been air drying for over 10 years, and now we have repurposed a few of these beautiful Walnut trees into the interior trim, molding and doors of our craftsman style tiny house.

We used this beautiful Walnut on the window trim throughout the tiny house.

As I am working on the door, I routed the cutouts (which made rounded "corners," and then went back to chisel the rounded corners back to square to accept the inset panels and maintain the craftsman style...

The door is dry-fitted...

The cutout panels have been clear coated with Waterlox

Stay tuned for the installation of the finished product!

There are hundreds more board feet of these trees waiting to be part of a banjo or dulcimer to be loved on. Contact us via email if you want to inquire about in stock instruments, or to get a quote on a custom built banjo or dulcimer.

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