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Tiny House – March Update

Wow!  We had ONLY 10 days in February without rain.  Given, we work 7 days a week, that wasn’t even two weeks of work on the tiny house!  UGH!  Let me repeat… UGH!  Luckily for me, I was doing the 30-in-30 painting challenge, and I got 27 barn paintings completed, but that’s basically another month of rent we are going to be paying because of the loss of time.  (See end of post for update on barn paintings.)

March update 1

The GooD NewS my friends, is that we are “dried in,” well – all-but — the interior work can soon begin – just after a few “small details”

  1. cut down the wall on the breakfast nook, (where the missing window is),

  2. install the front porch roof, and

  3. install that last window

We did accomplish a lot, given we had around a dozen days, working in and around the rain.


  1. Finish installing roof sheathing over front gable end

  2. Obtain, stain and install cedar shakes on front gable end #1

  3. Router, cut, paint and install trim boards on front gable end #1

  4. Manufacture, paint and install finial on gable end #1

  5. Paint and install cement board on front gable end #2

  6. Paint and install cedar battens on front gable end #2

  7. Router, cut, paint and install trim boards on front gable end #2

  8. Manufacture, paint and install finial on gable end #2

  9. Begin installation of front side porch roof joists

  10. Prime and paint right side roof joist tails

  11. Begin installing cedar shake cover on right side soffits

  12. Router, prime and paint one third of the front porch roof boards

Hub did an amazing job on the gable end trim! 

March update 2

There are a lot of pieces going into making those triangles on the gables work PERFECTLY!  He is amazing at his craft, and even more amazing at being patient with me.  Just with the questions, and teaching, and LETTING me do the work instead of just doing it himself.  Some days, he struggles trying to keep me busy, but then, he lets go, and lets me do a task he might much rather be doing himself, like jointing wood…


“We,” (really hubby), took time out, (a lot of time actually) to build two new raised beds for our second year garden.  They are right in front of the house, so I can look out of the kitchen window and see how things are growing.  He decided a dedicated watermelon bed is a good idea, and then I can plant whatever I want in the second bed, as long as it is not tomatoes.  The two beds from last year are dedicated to blueberries and blackberries.

March update 4

Of course some days, there are tasks I don’t really want to do, but I do like to continue to invest in the “we did this” account.  The tasks like shoveling dirt into the really awesome raised beds, or painting the ends of the roof joists, or painting the cedar battens, or painting the blocking on the back porch roof, or painting the front porch roof boards.  Get it… he must think I am really good at painting, or he really hates it!

Final note… the 30-in-30 painting challenge.  I painted 27 in 30, which is an improvement  over the 23 in 30 I painted last September.  September’s topic was Tennessee Churches, February’s topic was Tennessee Barns. 

PicMonkey Collage 2018 Barn Series - grid.jpg

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