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The #i_read_it_here Project

My daughter and I were discussing the holidays and gift-giving and all of the "stuff" that we accumulate each year. We decided to make gift-giving in 2023 different. We are giving things that can be consumed (like food or a luxury bath bomb), experienced (like a trip to the zoo) or with the intent of it being passed on in a relatively short amount of time (like a book). From this conversation, we developed the "i_read_it_here project," and this is how it works.

  • Download this free pdf to print and attach inside the front cover of a book you have already read and enjoyed.

  • Log your info on the top line and pass the book onto someone you know, or anonymously leave the book at a place in your community where someone else will find it, and enjoy (coffee shop, doctor's office, neighborhood Little Free Library, etc.).

  • To help spread the word, I'd love it if you take a pic of the book(s) you are sharing along with the log, and post to your favorite social media while tagging your post with the hashtag - #i_read_it_here and tagging us - @ChestnutGroveStudios so we can follow books being shared.

I am excited to see where some of our books go... we just sent a handful to Savannah, GA. I hope you will share a book or two that you love this coming year... even if you don't join in our little book-sharing project. Happy reading.

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