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Small House – May Update – Tennessee Winters! Special Visitors!

FINALLY!  The weather is at last turning from winter to summer, (where was spring?) – it seems we have had at least the first three Tennessee winters so far, we will see if the last two rear their cold heads this month.

  1. Redbud:  early April – been there – done that

  2. Dogwood:  late April – been there – done that

  3. Locust:  early May – maybe not so much – we have had a TERRIFIC last week of April into May

So, what has been accomplished in the last month?  AND what have been the surprises?

WARNING:  Not a lot of sexy stuff happening – but every day is ONE day closer to living in the small house that we built ourselves, (mostly).

  1. “Other” small house work done

  2. Felt/tar paper on the front porch roof

  3. Back gable siding on

  4. Back gable battens on

  5. Back gable finish trim complete

  6. Wildflower bank and other gardening complete

  7. Back door installed

  8. Mechanical rough in / duct work complete

  9. HVAC concrete platform poured (with dad help)

  10. Front porch flooring started

SQUIRREL:  For a moment, we took a three day time out and stayed up in Grundy County near our “other small house,” and did some work. 

our treehouse.jpg

We had a goal to put down the leftover zip system wall/roof/floor sheathing on our cabin floor.  GOAL ACCOMPLISHED.  However, we had my nemesis, Sneaky Snake, keeping me pretty squirrel-ly.  Day 1, he was slithering around just outside the door when I went out to get more supplies – imagine me, turning 180 degrees, mid-air back into the cabin, of course with a scream… 

sneaky snake

Day 2 – we are back inside, screwing down the floor, and I look over hub, who has his back to the door, and Sneaky Snake is INSIDE slithering UP the wall!  Hub says, “would you rather see a snake or a rat?”  I think I’d rather see a cat, who could also take care of the rats!


The  BIG DEAL this month is the back gable end! 

back gable
2017-12-10 roofing 1
back gable work 2018-04-29 2

We also were able to have the driveway pushed back from the “barn,” to the house, and then, (since because I do not like mowing on a slope), I suggested we plant native wildflowers on our slope!  We planted, around 8 pounds, of native Southern wildflowers along this slope… I cannot wait to see how this turns out.  P.S.  I also snuck in some corn!

wildflower bank

We installed the back door!

back door 04-30-2018

We had the mechanical rough-in done…

under the house 04-30-2018

We poured concrete for the HVAC unit!  This also shows the electrical panel being hooked up to the small house.

concrete pad
dad plane
water boy

Visitor number 2 showed up the next day – yet another dog in the pack. 

new dog

And just for kicks and giggles – this is how we communicate…

Measurements to call down from the gable end…

back gable work notes 2018-04-28

His and Hers liquid refreshments… (he is totally looking in some goofy house mirror on both of our images)

identify yourself

We started installing the front porch floor!  It is the same “morning fog” / blue color of the ceiling.  I just love the way a tongue and groove porch floor looks – instead of a “deck floor.”

front porch floor 05-03-2018
front porchh floor 05-03-2018

Oh goodness!  This stuff is starting to get REAL!

P.S.  Farmer tan lines have started to appear – life in building a small house is just amazing.

Oh yeah, and don’t think that porch floor is almost done… that is the dry fitting, it has to come back up, be numbered, have the cut edges primed and painted (with oil based paints), and then put back down… this was just a tease.

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