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Small House – August Update

It’s official – we have given notice to the landlord… I have written the LAST rent check!

insulation day 2

Take that Lady Bug Nation!

Next was drywall day!  Woohoo!  We were both a little intimidated about how we might feel after there were WALLS in the small house.  Would it be too small?  Would the ceiling lines be too cut up?  Would everything close in on us?  It did not.  Thank Goodness, in fact it looked more open after I/we put on 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint – all white of course – because white makes everything seem bigger, (like your butt and your legs)…

Then the light guys came back and put in all of our sweet fixtures with copper to carry out the theme from the outside in.  Most of them are custom from fine crafts-people on Etsy.  The materials are mostly oil rubbed bronze and raw copper.

Aug blog 6

Above – is oil rubbed bronze reading lights in the bedroom.

Aug blog 8

Custom wall sconces for the eating nook on either side of the window.

Aug blog 01

Single wall sconce over sink with bronze and raw copper.

Aug blog 94

Another view of the eating nook with the sconces mounted.

Next is the flooring.  It is 4 inch walnut, tongue and groove throughout… right now it is “curing,” but installation starts tomorrow!  I am soooooo excited to see this beautiful wood go down.

Aug blog 3

The bathroom is the last INTIMIDATING project – tile, ugh – it should be fine, (according to YouTube), but whew, making tile stick to the ceiling seems a little daunting.

And so here we are… 30 days from sleeping in a new bed, in a new house.

Don’t worry, it won’t be finished, so there will be more updates as we put up the rails on the porches, trim out the doors and windows, put together and install the kitchen cabinets… the list goes on.

Below is where we were a year ago, and where we are now!

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