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5 Steps to Creating Your Own Artwork Series

What is an Artwork Series you ask?

It is a group of cohesive, unified and related bodies of art.

Why would you want to create an Artwork Series?

When you commit to creating a group of artistic pieces with related parameters, then your artwork will progress in a positive way. "Practice makes progress." Working in a series creates an opportunity for you to refine ideas, build upon your skills and develop confidence. By having certain decisions already made (subject, references, medium, etc), you no longer begin your painting practice by sitting and staring at a blank canvas wondering what to paint.

When creating multiple similar pieces, you create "muscle memory." What comes next in the process of painting a piece becomes instinctive and natural. You develop your style. A creative flow begins to develop. Your creative practice can and will cause you to surprise yourself. Some of the things that caused frustration when producing one-off, random pieces will be resolved.

What are my 5 steps for creating a series?

Step 1: Find Your Inspiration: something that motivates you, inspires you, brings you joy...

a. Color

b. Wildlife

c. Still Life

d. Architecture

Step 2: Find Your Photo References: use the royalty free sites below, or use your own references

Step 3: Define your cohesive "rule(s)"

a. Palette (limited, complementary, monotone)

b. Medium (acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, oil)

c. Subject (churches, barns, fruit, doors)

d. Size (6x6, 10x20, 5x7)

e. Set the number of pieces you will have in the series

Step 4: Find the time*

a. Every day from (x to y) (M-F 8:30-11 am)

b. x Times a week on a, b, c (Mon Tue and Fri 7-8 pm)

c. Set a reasonable deadline to complete your series

* I find that when I go into the studio less than once a week - I lose some of the progress I was making

Step 5: Do the Work!

a. Commit to the time/schedule in Step 4

b. Know that some pieces are for learning, not selling

c. Don't give up on a piece too soon

d. Reward yourself when you complete your work

I have previously completed a series featuring Tennessee Churches...

And another series on Tennessee Barns...

I am currently in the process of completing a series called... "Behind Closed Doors."

You can reach me by email (, or phone (615.772.7509) to inquire about the finished pieces, commissions, or other artwork available.


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