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Rims In Progress - General

Note: Rim described is partially complete, to be finished to buyers specifications. finished rim will include wood tone ring with inside face of tone ring beveled  full height of tone ring, terminating at a approximate 1/4" round over where rim meets head. Buyer has the option to specify rim diameter as long as it does not exceed the unfinished rim diameter, rim thickness as long as it's less than unfinished rim thickness and height/depth of rim. Rims are not predrilled (unless noted otherwise) and must be done so buy buyer.   Finished rim will be sanded to 220 grit.


LAST PHOTO shows example of a "finished" rim with beveled tone ring and bottom trim.


RIM:      Steam bent hickory

Rim Dia.= 11 1/16"

Rim Wall Thickness=3/4"

Rim Depth=3-3/8"

TONE RING:  Rosewood

RIM BOTTOM TRIM:  Per Buyers Request

Steam-bent Hickory Banjo Rim #1

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