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Catalog of Classes

Put some "ART" in your next pARTy!!!

I will come to your venue/home to teach a workshop. 

Inquire via email for pricing.

abstract 3-2.jpeg

Intro to Abstract Mark Making

A fun way to loosen up your painting.  A wide variety of acrylic paints and water soluble supplies are used along with creative mark making tools.  Create a series of pieces that make a statement when hung together.

abstract 3-2.jpeg
cactus set 2.jpg

Blotted Line Mono-Printing with Watercolor Wash

Line art with a watercolor wash using a technique created by Andy Warhol in his commercial work in the 1950's.  The fun begins with an ingenious image transfer method enhanced with watercolor.

Watercolor Botanicals

A quick pencil sketch with simple shapes is followed by laying down thin layers (glazing) with watercolor.  A very neutral and limited palette is used for this workshop.

Apr 2022 Nash Sanctuary crop.jpg

Abstract Botanicals

Abstract layers of watercolor are applied first, then enhanced with mark-making and patterns applied with ink and paint pens.

Whimsical Watercolors

Create a whimsical neighborhood of tall houses inspired by "The Painted Ladies" in San Francisco.  Learn about water control using a wet on wet technique.  Extra details are added with pen and pencil.

Abstract Floral Image.jpg

Abstract Florals

A unique approach to color starts with a dark canvas.  Bright colors and abstract shapes bring flowers softly into focus.  A bith of whimsy is added by creating "drips & splatters."

Beautiful Bride

An easy application of colors provides a unique way to remember your special day... or create as a gift to a special bride.

image0 (10).jpeg
2019-03-26 class ref_edited.jpg

Image Transfer

Use a matte gel medium to apply a black and white image to canvas, then "colorize" your image with watercolor.

Prima Ballerina

Messy strokes make a beautiful tutu.  Painting your favorite little ballerina from the back eliminates the need to paint often difficult and tedious facial features... choose your own hair, skin and tutu colors.

image0 (8).jpeg
Asemic Art 02282021-1 (7).jpeg
Asemic Art 02282021-1 (7).jpeg

Collage & the Art of Asemic Writing

Create an abstract, yet personal, piece of art with the use of collage and mark making techniques.  Learn about "asemic" writing and use it to add another layer to your work.

Notecard Making

Make as many cards as time permits.  Incorporate watercolor, washi tape & stamps to make one-of-a-kind greeting cards for the special folks in your life.

angel for printing_edited.jpg
angel for printing_edited.jpg

Angels with Sheet Music

Another dimensional project using modeling paste, iridescent paint and sheet music.  Bubble wrap creates an angelic background on the canvas.

Trio of Angels.jpeg

Trio of Angels

A trio of singing angels are created using acrylic paints.  The wings on these beauties are made from sheet music.  These make a great holiday hostess gift when done on a small block canvas.

Trio of Angels.jpeg
Line and Wash - cottage - step 3.jpg

Inspiration from Coloring Book Pages

No drawing skills required.  See how easy it is to transfer images from royalty free coloring book pages to your watercolor paper, then finish them off like a pro using a line and wash technique.

Junk Journal

Learn the basics of book binding and journal making.  Repurpose paper bags, event tickets, photos and scrap papers.  Make pockets for tucking in mementos.  These journals can be themedmake truly heartfelt gifts.

junk journal 3.jpeg
impressionist pumpkin.jpg

Palette Knife Pumpkin

Discover the basics of painting with a palette knife while creating a unique fall themed piece that will take you from Halloween thru Thanksgiving.


Create unique papers to use in a variety of ways by extracting colors from common leaves and flowers.  This class is only offered May - October.

image3 (4).jpeg
hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy.j

Behind Closed Doors

Another type of image transfer; however this class will incorporate modeling paste with acrylics to add texture to your canvas.

tulip bouquet.jpg

Dimensional Tulips

Adding modeling paste to your acrylic paints creates an impasto style that is common in oil paintings.  Learn how to use the palette knife to help your tulips bloom on the canvas.

tulip bouquet.jpg
hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy.j

Under the Cover of Prayer

No drawing skills required for this primitive church acrylic painting.  Words to hymns or scripture are added to give depth to the building.

Infinity Card

Make a never-ending infinity card that your recipient will be thrilled to receive.  This is literally 4 greeting cards in one.  Stamping, washi tape, patterned papers and more are used to embellish your card.  Even the envelope is hand-made.

Infinity Cards Image.jpg
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